This week, the Astoria Combined Sewer Overflow project contractor Tapani will continue working on Eighth Street between Duane Street and Harrison Avenue. Sewer and storm pipe will be installed between Franklin Avenue and Harrison. Work on curbs and intersection corner ramps will continue on Eighth and 11th streets.

On 10th Street, the block of roadway between Jerome and Kensington is being rebuilt and is expected to be paved by the end of the week. On 11th Street, there will be waterline work happening prior to trench paving, while on 12th Street, storm and sewer pipe is scheduled to be installed between Grand and Harrison avenues.

Paving is scheduled for today and either Thursday or Friday next week. The trench areas on Ninth Street between Marine Drive and the Columbia River will be paved as well as Jerome between 10th and 11th streets and between Irving and Jerome avenues. Later this week, trench paving is scheduled to include most of 11th and likely 10th Street from Jerome to Kensington avenues.

CenturyLink will continue working on Exchange between Seventh and Eighth streets. The intersection of Eighth and Exchange streets is expected to be closed during this work.

The following is a schedule of anticipated road closures because of construction for this week:

• Construction on Eighth Street between Duane and Harrison. The street will be closed to through traffic in this area.

• The intersection at Eighth and Exchange streets will be closed for east-west traffic through Tuesday for CenturyLink work.

• The intersection at Eighth Street and Franklin Avenue will be closed during construction.

• Eighth Street and Grand Avenue intersection will likely remain closed.

• Eighth Street and Harrison Avenue intersection will be closed during construction.

• Tenth Street is closed to through traffic between Irving and Kensington avenues. The east-west intersections in this area are open to traffic.

• Construction on 11th Street from Franklin to Grand avenues. The road will be closed during construction.

• Construction on 12th Street between Franklin and Harrison avenues. The road will be closed during construction.

• Paving in the areas described above will require short-term closures of up to one day.

Next week, Tapani will begin working an extended schedule of Monday through Friday (10 hour days).


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