SEASIDE - The speed limit on Wahanna Road will be reduced from 35 mph to 30 at the end of September or beginning of October.

At the same time, a four-way stop sign will be installed at 12th Avenue and Wahanna by the Seaside Public Works Department.

Public Works Director Neal Wallace said he just received a speed zone order from the Oregon Department of Transportation allowing the change.

Public Works will first post signs to alert drivers and pedestrians of the alterations. "We just want people to be aware of that change," Wallace said. "It's one thing to go from 35 miles to 30, throw in a stop where nobody's expected one, that'll be a little tougher."

Public Works is still considering whether 12th Avenue will also have a four-way crosswalk. Wallace said he has been focusing on getting the stop sign and speed change, and is concerned about a crosswalk where no sidewalks exist. "I'd hate to have a crosswalk and somebody think they're going somewhere and just fall into a big hole of briars," he laughed.

The Wahanna Action Group, citizens who want improvements to the half city, half county road, have been advocating for a stop sign, speed reduction and more sidewalks. The City Council unanimously asked Wallace to look into improvements.

Wallace plans to construct a sidewalk from Shore Terrace Road to Broadway Drive on Wahanna, largely for the use of Suzanne Elise Assisted Living Facility residents. He hopes to resolve issues with landowners and wetlands this winter and construct the sidewalk in the spring.


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