Long-time seafood advocate Professor Duncan Law, 84, will be honored Wednesday night starting at 6:15 at the Seafood Consumer Center dining room adjacent to the Oregon State University Seafood Laboratory facility, 2021 Marine Drive in Astoria.

Former Congressman Les AuCoin will join Law's family, friends and former colleagues at a reception and dinner in tribute to Law's untiring efforts to build the seafood education center as a way to increase the consumption of seafood. AuCoin will present Law with a plaque honoring him for his enthusiasm, vision and commitment, said Donna Stone, director of the center.

With help from the late Bud Forrester, then editor and publisher of The Daily Astorian, and with some political muscle from AuCoin, Law was able to procure funding to begin his dream project, Stone said. Others who agreed with the vision joined Law over the years to ensure the center's birth. It opened in the fall of 1998, added a full-time chef the next year and has continued since that time to educate consumers and food professionals about how to purchase and prepare seafood of all kinds.

As Law envisioned, Chef Eric Jenkins gets the message out to hundreds of consumers each year that Oregon seafood is both delicious and easy to prepare.

Dinner tickets are $50 each for the sit-down dinner. Phone 338-6523 for reservations. Space is limited and just a few seats are left.

OSU's Seafood Laboratory was established in Astoria in 1940 to meet the increasing needs of the seafood industry. It maintains an active research program in seafood science and technology and is part of the OSU Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station.


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