The Emergency Notification System or reverse 9-1-1 callback system, allows county authorities to provide immediate notice to residents of local or regional emergencies, such as floods, water contamination, missing persons alerts or other events. The system sends out a recorded phone call to every household and business in the affected area, informing citizens of the incident and providing important information.

Until recently, the system used only telephone numbers from home-based land-line phones, which limited its effectiveness because of the growing use of cell phones and other communication devices.

Now, under a new internet-based service, Clatsop County citizens can program the ENS to call their cell phones, BlackBerry phones, pagers, e-mail addresses and even fax machines in the event of an emergency alert.

To add a new number or numbers, go to the Surfsimple site at ( Click on the entry for either residential or business address and provide the required information.

The service also allows people to include additional information useful for first responders, such as whether a household includes a resident with medical conditions or other special needs.