Those who have stored their emergency supplies in containers placed near Elk Creek Road will be able to open those containers next weekend.

During the annual “Twelve Days of Earth Day” event in Cannon Beach, city employees will open the 20-foot by 8- foot cargo containers containing the buckets and barrels that residents packed last October.

The containers will be open from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. April 19 through 21, said Bill Vanderberg, the city’s emergency management consultant.

This will be the first time the containers will be opened since they were closed last October. The two storage containers were placed on city-owned property last fall, and residents who had filled buckets and barrels with emergency supplies placed them in the storage containers in October.

While the containers are open, more barrels can be added by those who didn’t pack their gear there last fall or by those who want to increase their supplies.

Others may want to refresh batteries or add other materials in their personal containers, Vanderberg said.

After the Earth Day weekend, containers will remain closed until next fall.

A city booth will be set up during the street fair conducted after the Earth Day parade on April 20, Vanderberg said. The booth will pro- vide information about the storage containers and suggested emergency supplies to put in them. Demonstrations also are scheduled.

In addition, shuttles will be available for people to see where two more emergency container sites are planned. The shuttle will begin at US Bank and travel to a city- owned area on the north side of Cannon Beach and to the “sports park” on the south side of town near the Tolovana Mainline east of U.S. Highway 101.

Those sites are expected to be ready with more cargo containers this summer, Vanderberg said.

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