Kristen Lane has made the jump from helping people with dialysis to just plain helping people as she joins the Astoria Dispatch Center.

And she’s already proving to be a hot commodity.

As the most recently added employee, Lane works for the Astoria Police Department. She had worked at the Astoria Dialysis Center, but “I was looking for something different,” Lane said.

And how does she like it so far?

“It’s awesome!”

Lane was recognized last week for her efforts at the Astoria City Council meeting, awarded a plaque on behalf of the city for the Carol Fagan Award.

Mayor Willis Van Dusen presented the award and praised Lane for her hard work, while her boss Jeff Rusiecki, the Astoria Dispatch Manager, spoke highly of Lane and her efforts.

“We’re very proud of her,” he said.

Lane finished at the top of her class academically at the Basic Telecommunications Academy with a 98.94 percent.

Graduation was held in Salem at the Department of Public Safety Standards and Training.

“It was different,” Lane said of the academy. “We got to march in formation like the police officers. and it was interesting, too, to hear it from another person’s perspective – what it’s like to be a dispatcher.”

And so far, Lane has taken some interesting calls.

“The best call I think I’ve had was when someone called 911 to report their cookie jar was missing,” she said with a laugh.

But most of the time, the calls Lane takes are serious. And she’s ready and willing to help callers the best she can.

Lane lives in Astoria with her husband Eric and their two daughters. Eric works at the Bridgetender in Seaside. Their girls are 5 and 1 years old.

— Chelsea Gorrow