"Quite a few of us who live in Astoria are working with FRED JOHNSON to restore his 100-year-old, 70-acre beautiful DAIRY FARM AND BARN and create a farm educational and event center in Naselle, Wash." YVONNE EDWARDS told the Ear.

Pictured above, from left, BILL WILLIAMS, Master Gardener CELIA TIPPIT and Fred Johnson. Bill and Celia are "friends from Astoria who dropped by the farm to offer some advice about placing the huge old growth timbers to finish the barn," Yvonne explained. Celia helped transplant some tomato starts in the large greenhouse behind the barn with Yvonne and her husband, MICKEY EDWARDS.

The Edwards are fans of community supported agriculture. People pay farmers in advance for farm-produced food; the farmer uses the money to buy what he needs, and the investors get boxes of farm fresh goodies in return. For the Edwardses, "their" farmer is Fred Johnson. "You get seasonal produce, and Fred will include herbs, maybe flowers, fresh butter and cream, a chicken or eggs, etc.," Yvonne notes. "It's always a wonderful surprise."

"We met Fred through his hardwood floor business and became friends, then went out to visit him on his farm, and fell in love with the farm, his vision for it and his cooking!" Yvonne said. "Fred is a chef from the Seattle area who decided to grow chef-quality vegetables that he would be proud to cook and serve to people. He is also recreating a natural salmon habitat on his land. In the summer, Fred says he can hear the salmon jumping in the river that flows past his farmhouse kitchen window."

"He built a very nice hot tub on the banks of the Naselle River using an old iron bathtub, heating it with wood," she added. "There is an elk herd that lives on a narrow and protected part of his farm. It's really beautiful there. It will be a wonderful event center over time."


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