CANNON BEACH - Next summer, the residents of Cannon Beach may find themselves elbow-deep in farm fresh produce.

During the regular meeting of the Cannon Beach City Council, a discussion about establishing a farmers market sprang up from an agenda item.

Rich Mays, the city manager, was tasked with researching whether a farmers market is a viable option for the city and whether or not Cannon Beach would benefit from the creation of a market.

Mays gathered a small committee that included City Planner Rainmar Bartl, Police Chief Gene Halliburton, Chamber of Commerce Director Kim Bosse and Bob Neroni and Lenore Emery of the EVOO Cooking School. Neroni and Emery were included on the committee because of "their keen interest in an event, their involvement in attempting a similar effort three years ago at their location at Hemlock and Taft and their contacts and relationships with potential farmer participants," according to the staff report.

"The committee thought it was important that the market be geared toward residents," said Mays. He said the committee thought it best for the market to be confined to produce and other food items rather than including arts, crafts and other nonfood wares.

The current proposed time and day for the market would be late afternoons on Tuesdays through July and August. A location for the market has yet to be decided.

Neroni spoke before the council in support of the establishment of a farmers market and said he had spoken with seven farmers who expressed interest in bringing fresh produce, meat, eggs and artisan cheeses to the market for purchase. He said he also spoke with Hillary Kasson Fargo and her husband Jason Fargo of Waves of Grain Bakery, both of whom expressed an interest in selling their baked goods at the market.

"All the farmers that I spoke to are still in their season right now but they all asked to be called back in January if this is a go," said Neroni.

The discussion of the market turned to finding a location for the market to be staged. Mays contended that the committee was trying to stay away from placing the market in the downtown corridor because of the traffic and parking issues that already exist there in the summer months.

"I'm not actually adverse to shutting off streets," said Council President Jay Raskin.

Mayor John Williams turned the discussion back toward the original topic, asking Mays if he felt there was enough of a council consensus for Mays to continue researching the possible creation of a farmers market. Mays said there was.

"Let me just say this: The idea of a farmers market has a certain romantic quality about it but it is, in reality, a lot of hard work," said Williams.

The council also:

? voted to fill vacancies on five city committees. Leslie Wood Garvin and Tim Krupa were appointed to the Design Review Board; Herb Florer and Les Wierson were appointed to the Planning Commission; Mike Stanley and John Grosshuesch were appointed to the Public Works Committee; Robin Risley and Bob Reid were appointed to the Parks and Community Services Committee; and Nancy Littell was appointed to the Budget Committee. Terms for the Design Review Board, Planning Commission, Public Works Committee and Parks and Community Services Committee expire Dec. 31, 2011 and the term for the Budget Committee expires Dec. 31, 2010.

A committee vacancy remains on the Emergency Preparedness Committee.

Williams reminded the council and meeting attendees the community potluck would be held at 6 p.m. Monday at the city park. If weather makes it impossible to picnic outside, the potluck will be moved into the Chamber of Commerce building.


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