The new law combined older legislation for class-size reduction and continued training for teachers to create more flexibility in funding.

Districts can help their teachers reach the standards by using these funds as well as some Title I funds, which typically fund instructional programs for disadvantaged children.

• To be highly qualified, elementary teachers must at least have a bachelor's degree and pass a state test demonstrating understanding and teaching ability in reading, writing, math and other areas of elementary curriculum.

• To be highly qualified, middle and high school teachers must have at least a bachelor's degree and pass a test demonstrating understanding of each academic subject area they teach. They may also have a 24-credit endorsement in that subject area, but need three years teaching in the area.

• To be highly qualified, instructional assistants must have at least two years of college study or an associates degree or test in the ability to instruct reading, writing and math.

Listed are the percentage of classes taught by highly qualified teachers in the spring of 2003, according to an Oregonian survey. Because of retirements, credential reviews and tests, education experts anticipate the numbers will be higher this year.


John Jacob Astor Elementary 105 percent

Capt. Robert Gray Elementary 90 percent

Lewis & Clark Elementary 96 percent

Astoria Middle School 54 percent

Astoria High School 85 percent


Hilda Lahti Elementary 91 percent

Knappa High School 93 percent


Cannon Beach Elementary 100 percent

Gearhart Elementary 100 percent

Seaside Heights Elementary 100 percent

Broadway Middle School 70 percent

Seaside High School 96 percent


Jewell School 55 percent


Warrenton Grade School 68 percent

Warrenton High School 97 percent


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