Oregon Public Broadcasting

Federal housing officials announced Wednesday they're giving Idaho, Oregon and Washington nearly three million dollars to help homeless veterans into housing.

Northwest housing authorities are getting 540 more vouchers to provide to veterans.

Portland is getting 55 more vouchers in July -- on top of more than 300 that are in use already.

Vets will also get support from service providers, like the Portland Veterans Administration.

Michael Boyd with the Portland V.A. says without the vouchers, many disabled vets struggle to find housing and the care they need.

"They may be on the streets and haven't had any medical care or mental health care, substance use treatment -- and a voucher provides a safe place where they can literally begin to start a new life."

Boyd says many veterans are living in shelters, under bridges, or in other difficult situations.

This latest round of spending is part of a $75 million national push this year to help vets. The Obama Administration aims to end long-term homelessness for veterans in the next two years.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.