The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is investigating landowner complaints against liquefied natural gas developer Oregon LNG.

The agency has scheduled three public meetings in Oregon this week to give landowners a chance to speak out and to give the company a chance to explain.

The first meeting is in Forest Grove today. The second is at 1 p.m. Wednesday at the Judge Guy Boyington Building, 857 Commercial St. in Astoria. A third meeting will be held at 9 a.m. Thursday at Portland City Hall.

Oregon LNG has proposed a $1 million LNG import terminal on the Skipanon Peninsula in Warrenton. The project includes a 117-mile pipeline that stretches south through Clatsop County and meets a natural gas hub in?Molalla.

FERC started receiving complaints about the project developer LNG?Development Co. after a field trip by agency and company officials in December. The officials spent two days visiting sites along Oregon LNG's proposed 120-mile pipeline.

Some of the landowners say Oregon LNG officials collected GPS data during the visit, a violation of agreements that allowed them on the properties.

Others say the company made last-minute changes to maps and documents about the pipeline.

Oregon LNG has protested this week's meetings, but has agreed to attend.

"It is a politically initiated process based on accusations that we have been intimidating landowners," said Oregon LNG?CEO?Peter Hansen. "The accusations are absolutely baseless."

Oregon LNG protested the investigation's proceedings because, Hansen said, FERC was allowing some people to submit "secret testimony" and the company wanted a chance to defend itself against all accusations.


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