Benefit for Providence Seaside Hospital supports dental van and palliative care

Providence Seaside Hospital’s annual holiday fundraiser, the Festival of Trees, brought about 300 people to the Seaside Convention Center on Dec. 6 and 7 to celebrate this year’s theme, “Merry and Bright.”

The event raised money for the hospital’s new palliative care program and the Providence Seaside Hospital dental van.

It was a banner year for fundraising, according to Sydney Van Dusen, executive director of the Providence Seaside Hospital Foundation.

“We’re right at about $118,000,” Van Dusen said. “We set an all-time record. We’re kind of blown away.” 

This was the 16th annual festival. Individuals, groups and businesses donate and decorate trees with special themes and often include special gifts or gift certificates from local businesses.

One tree this year was devoted to all things cars. Titled “All I Want for Christmas is Chrome,” the tree contained auto accessories and tree ornaments all associated with vehicles. It was valued at $3,100.

Two trees gave away trips. A weeklong trip to an Irish cottage was offered once again by Charles and Theresa Dice. The annual donation, valued at 2,500, enables six adults to stay in the cottage that sits on 12 acres.

Those interested in warmer climes may have been interested in the tree titled, “Dreaming of Sun in Cabo San Lucas,” valued at $2,500. It was donated by Adam and Kristi Israel.

Other trees featured alcoholic refreshments: One featured a variety of beers; another offered a martini party; and a third, titled “New Year’s Celebrations,” included champagne and wine, as well as coffee and bloody Mary mixes for the hangovers sure to follow.

Family fun was the theme of a tree with the Lion King at the center. The tree offered passes to the Oregon Zoo and amusement parks, and gifts that everyone could enjoy. Its value was $800.

From vintage aprons to an elaborate massage chair, the gifts under the trees provided variety and amusement. Dogs even fared well this year, with two trees devoted exclusively to dog toys, dog houses, dog bowls dog beds and dog treats.

Following Saturday night’s auction, the trees were delivered to those throughout the area to the winning bidders on Sunday.



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