SEASIDE - It took 18 firefighters close to an hour Thursday to put out a log fire. Between 10 and 15 logs were ablaze at the Cove in south Seaside, Fire Marshal Chris Dugan said.

The fire started when the wind blew the flames of an unattended campfire into nearby driftwood.

The firefighters, called around 8:20 p.m., used chainsaws and axes to cut open the logs to look for embers. They had to specifically call for the truck with the most water to put out the fire, Dugan said.

Dugan said he is going back to make sure nothing is rekindled today.

No one was hurt, but Dugan said if the fire had gone on much longer, sparks could have ignited nearby houses.

Dugan reminds the public that fires within the city are only allowed within burn barrels, and fires on the beach should only be lit in areas surrounded by bare sand.

"We so much want to get the word out to keep it away from the beach grass and the driftwood," he said.


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