Seaside, Cannon Beach and Gearhart fire departments have lifted the burn bans. Fire chiefs ask that the following rules be followed when burning:

• Permits are required for all burning. Call the local fire department for permit information. Permits are not required in Gearhart.

• Burn barrels must have a quarter-inch screen and be at least 10 feet from combustible materials.

• Barrels or burn piles must be attended continuously while material is burning. All fires must be completely extinguished before left unattended.

• A garden hose, water source or fire extinguisher must be available at all times during the burn.

• No outdoor burning is permitted after dark. In Cannon Beach, burn barrels are allowed from sunrise to 10 a.m. only. In Gearhart, recreational and cooking fires are permitted at night.

• A fire officer may order a fire be extinguished at any time if there is complaint of smoke.

• Burning permits will not be issued when it is very dry or windy.

• In Seaside, construction and demolition waste burning is prohibited. Open pile burns are allowed only after inspection of each pile. Seaside Police Department must be called before burning is to start on any particular day for permit holders.

• Fires must be no larger than four feet in diameter and height.

• In Cannon Beach, plastic, rubber, food waste, paint, hazardous materials and petroleum products may not be burned. It is recommended that the city chipper, located at East 2nd Street at the sewer ponds, be used for yard debris.

• In Gearhart, fire may not be closer than 50 feet to any structure.


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