WESTPORT, Wash. - Five people were taken off a fishing boat that apparently hit something outside the entrance to Grays Harbor, Wash.

Details were announced on this Web site Monday but more details emerged Tuesday morning.

U.S. Coast Guard spokesman Mitch Cline said one person was taken to Grays Harbor Community Hospital in Aberdeen with what appeared to be acute anxiety. The others were taken on a motor lifeboat to Westport.

All were on the 58-foot Miss Michelle when the skipper and owner reported trouble while heading out to fish for sardines Monday morning. The crew told the Coast Guard they heard a loud thump and felt a jarring on the right side of the vessel, after which water began pouring into the engine room in the bow.

A salvage team has been summoned to try to patch the hole and keep the vessel afloat.

A Coast Guard incident management team from Portland is on-scene in Grays Harbor, along with a Washington Department of Ecology representative. The team is standing by to respond should theMiss Michelle sink or otherwise pose a hazard.

The Coast Guard is in contact with the owner's insurance representatives, who are formulating a recovery plan.

Coast Guard investigators are working to determine the cause of the accident.

A broadcast for a hazard to navigation was sounded warning mariners of the vessels location.

The vessel is located at 46-54.58N 124-10.28W.