Commercial Street properties have sat neglected for yearsA public auction for a sale of three Flavel properties on Commercial Street has been set for Jan. 30.

The auction is the result of a lengthy legal battle between Robert C. and Elizabeth Stricklin and Mary Louise and Harry Flavel.

Property owned by the Flavels have sat neglected and disused for years because of the many liens and back taxes on them.

According to legal documents, the Clatsop County Circuit Court found in November 2000 that the Flavels owed the Stricklins $80,000 plus interest and expenses for a total of about $94,000.

The Stricklins' lawyer, Pat Larvis, confirmed that in an earlier agreement between the two, the Stricklins had loaned the Flavels $58,000 to save their home on 15th Street from auction by the IRS. The Flavels never repaid them, and the Stricklins took them to court for $158,000, for the tax payment and damages.

A circuit court judged ruled for the Stricklins and the property would have been auctioned again, but the Flavels were able to stop the auction by proposing a $80,000 settlement. They then again never paid anything, and again were taken to court.

The auction is set for 11 a.m. at the Commercial Street entrance of the Clatsop County Courthouse. The specific properties to be auctioned are 905, 914 and 943 Commercial St.

Larvis said at the auction the certificate of sale becomes the deed for the property, but there is a certain amount of time for anyone to pay off the amount owed to the Stricklins to obtain the property.

Several thousands of back property taxes also apply to the property, and Clatsop County Chief Deputy Assessor Suzanne Johnson said the taxes would follow the property after any sale.


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