SEASIDE - A U.S. Army corporal was arrested for graffiti Monday night.

With vandalism on the rise, Seaside Chief of Police Bob Gross called the incident "one of those times when our people are out there doing good work."

At 9:57 p.m. Monday, Seaside officers responded to a report of a suspicious vehicle in the 800 block of 17th Avenue. A man was reported leaving his vehicle and heading toward the wood shop area of Seaside High School.

Officers located a government vehicle registered at Fort Lewis, Wash., but were unable to locate the man seen leaving it. A search of the Seaside High School grounds revealed spray-painted graffiti in more than 12 locations. Damage estimates are near $2,000.

A short time later, Army Cpl. Randal Mackey, 23, was seen coming out of the bushes and placing spray paint and a stencil on the ground.

Mackey admitted to having tagged the school with the stencil identifying himself as "Lego Man."

"He claims this is the first time he's tagged a public building," said Gross. "We're going to send out a teletype locally and in the Fort Lewis area. If they have tags matching the 'Lego Man' description then they have a suspect."

Mackey told officers he was at Rilea Armed Forces Training Center for training and was bored. He was arrested and charged with first-degree criminal mischief and unlawful possession of graffiti implements. Mackey is being held in Clatsop County Jail awaiting arraignment.


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