SEASIDE - Police took an unexpected visitor into protective custody early Friday, but this case had a bit more of a kick.

A suspicious man was reported near the Seaside High School, 1901 N. Holladay Drive, at 3 a.m. - a man and a donkey. Officer Tobby Cook responded.

The man, Kevin Troy Wilson, 38, provided no home address and was listed as a transient.

"He was camping out at the high school," Deputy Chief Jan Schumaker said.

The man was arrested on a charge of possessing a weapon because he had a firearm with him on school grounds. "He can't have it at a school," Schumaker said.

Others reported seeing the man and donkey earlier in Cannon Beach and at a convenience store in Seaside.

Wilson was taken into custody and brought to the Clatsop County Jail in Astoria.

But he was concerned about his traveling companion who had been carrying his bags, "Jill." The donkey is pregnant and expected to give birth in six weeks, police said.

The situation presented a bit of a conundrum for police. What should the city do with a donkey until Wilson was released?

Laura Larson, a dispatcher with the police department, contacted a Seaside public works employee she knows who owns a 26-foot horse trailer. He agreed to drive the trailer to the school.

Officers then brought "Jill" in the trailer to the parking lot of the municipal waste treatment plant on North Holladay Drive where she would remain safe and dry until retrieval, police said.


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