Willamette University has suspended a fraternity for comments some of its members allegedly posted in an affiliated Facebook group. The university describes the comments as "misogynistic."

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Eaton Hall at Willamette University.

Facebook posts included a suggestion a university official be kicked because she questioned the organization's initiation week activities.

Adam Torgerson is a spokesman for Willamette University. He says investigations are underway into the local Sigma Chi chapter.

"We've already temporarily suspended the fraternity - the student organization - pending the outcome. And we're also working with national Sigma Chi office, to do an investigation of the organization. We're also looking at the actions of each individual student, in light of our campus conduct policy," said Torgerson.

Togerson says the university supports free speech for students. He says that's different from conduct violations.

University officials are calling for respect toward all students involved.

The Associated Press has reported the tires of one fraternity member's car were slashed, after the online comments became public.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.