Seaside High School student flautist Daphne Gann has earned a chance to perform at the State Solo Competition at Linfield College in McMinnville on May 1.

She is the first Seaside student to make it to the state competition in more than 20 years.

"Seaside High School is especially proud that Daphne earned the spot even without having a private flute teacher," said band director Terry L. Dahlgren. "It is quite rare for a student to make it that far without having private instruction outside of school. It's a huge accomplishment and a tribute to Daphne's hard work and tremendous talent."

Gann talked with the Signal about her accomplishments".

This is quite an honor for you. How do you feel about being selected?

I didn't really see it coming. I was surprised and honored.

Is music something you want to pursue after you leave high school?

Yes. I want to go to Western Oregon University in Monmouth to pursue a master's degree in music. It's where I can also get a teacher's degree to perhaps teach music. Because there are so many flautists in the world, many symphonies aren't looking for flute players.

It sounds like teaching music would be a passion for you

Yes. I love music. I think it would be an awesome career, because I love to play the flute. In fact, I like trying different instruments. I am learning how to play the trumpet. I've learned how to play the clarinet and piano.

Some people simply give up when they can't master an instrument. How have you been able to succeed?

I think some people just really don't have the determination. I tried to play the piano once and I quit because it was so hard. But when I picked it up again, it was much easier because I really wanted to learn how to play. So you really have to want to play an instrument.

What is it about music that excites you and makes you so determined to succeed?

Music can make you feel many different ways, not just one way. What you listen to can inspire you to follow different directions. Sometimes, music can make you sad. It can also make you happy. It can be a range of emotions.

Would you write music in your career?

I have tried and I am going to try again. But whenever I try to write music, it just sounds like another piece that's already been written. So it's hard.



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