A gas leak near the intersection of South Wahanna Road and Spruce Drive led to the evacuation of four households and a temporary closure of the roadways last week.

However, the leak later was determined not to be an emergency.

The Seaside Fire Department was dispatched to 1283 Spruce Drive about 5 p.m. May 21 after receiving a call about a strong odor. The Seaside Police Department also responded.

When firefighters arrived on the scene, they smelled a scent of what they thought to be natural gas, and they checked the neighborhood, said Chris Dugan, Seaside Fire Department division chief. About 10 people from four duplexes were evacuated.

Dugan said they didn't find any gas inside any of the homes, and it seemed to be coming from somewhere outside.

As a precaution, they closed South Wahanna Road and Spruce Drive at the intersection, he said.

A responder from Northwest Natural Gas Company, of Astoria, arrived on location to do readings. Dugan said they got “some small readings,” but determined “there were no explosive numbers in any of the homes.”

The fire department remained on the scene for about an hour. According to a police report, Wahanna was opened at about 5:53 p.m., but Spruce Drive remained closed for the Northwest Natural responder to complete his work.

Melissa Moore, spokeswoman for Northwest Natural Gas Company, said the leak appeared to be coming from a 1-inch pipe at the curb level.

A leakage inspector was sent out the day after the incident to gather data and determine when the company would be able to fix it.

“It was a pretty small leak, so it wasn't an emergent leak,” Moore said.


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