South County city managers urge the public to enjoy the Fourth of July safely and legally.

Fireworks, illegal or legal, are prohibited on the beach in Cannon Beach, Interim City Manager Gene Halliburton said. This is state law as well as a city ordinance, he said. Roman candles, bottle rockets, mortars and generally "anything that goes up in the air" are illegal, he said.

Only sparklers, fountains, pinwheels and smoke-emitting fireworks are allowed on the beach, Halliburton said.

This is the second year Cannon Beach has enforced the beach fireworks ban. Halliburton, who is the chief of police in Cannon Beach, said the city has a tactical plan and is ready to patrol on the Fourth.

"Last year was the quietest year we ever had," he said.

Gearhart is working toward banning fireworks, but will stick to educating the public this year, City Councilor Dianne Widdop said. "Four police officers can only go so far," she said. The city has placed signs on beach approaches that it is illegal to shoot fireworks either on the beaches or in town. Within the town, that will be enforced, Widdop said.

Widdop said there will be an unusually high tide Monday night that will help get people off the beach.

Gearhart City Manager Dennis McNally said brochures are available at City Hall at 698 Pacific Way and at the post office.

"The law's on the books and in the past, everybody's looked the other way," he said.

Seaside City Manager Mark Winstanley prefers fireworks on the beach to the middle of town. "The beach is a safer place than the yard," he said.

He reminds citizens to leave the firecrackers, bottle rockets and mortars at home. "We certainly don't want people doing illegal fireworks in our town," Winstanley said.


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