GEARHART - The Gearhart City Council met Wednesday and Tuesday nights to develop comments about the Gearhart Golf Links development proposal currently on remand from the Land Use Board of Appeals to the Clatsop County Board of Commissioners.

Councilors Ed Tice and John Pincetich were absent from the meetings.

In a Sept. 25 letter to Gearhart Attorney Bill Canessa, Clatsop County Attorney Blair Henningsgaard said "The Commission is interested in the city's opinion on the applicant's (Marty Kehoe) interpretation of the city's residential development policy." That policy states that "the city will maintain the present residential density levels in established neighborhoods."

Public HearingThe Clatsop County Commission will hold a public hearing at 6 p.m. Wednesday at the Bob Chisholm Community Center, 1225 Avenue A in Seaside.Kehoe's request is to change 1.89 acres on the first fairway of the golf course from parks to residential high density to construct condominiums and .98 acres from general commercial to parks.

The councilors wrote a letter to the county commissioners in which they strongly recommend that the commission deny the applicant's request for a comprehensive plan map and zoning map amendment for four reasons. These reasons are: it does not comply with the urban growth joint management agreement; it does not comply with the Gearhart comprehensive plan; to preserve the present zoning in Gearhart in compliance with the city's comprehensive plan; and because a zone change is not required to build condominiums in the already established commercial-2 zone.

The city of Gearhart is in the process of formally recognizing that condominiums are permitted as an outright use in a C-2 zone.

The Board of Commissioners will hold a public hearing on the remand at 6 p.m.Wednesday at the Bob Chisholm Community Center, 1225 Avenue A in Seaside.


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