Millions of activists around the world marched against MonsantoSaturday, in what's become a yearly protest. More than 100 people gathered in Bend at Central Oregon Locavore to call for a boycott of genetically modified organisms.

Monsanto manufactures herbicide-resistant seeds.

Activists are gathering signatures for Oregon Right to Know's ballot measure that would foods with GMOs to be labeled.

Speakers said they feel supported in Bend, where many anti-GMO rally participants also staged a march through town, ending in the downtown area.

"It's what we put in our bodies," GMO Free Oregon Co-Chair Gretchen Valido said. "It's as basic as that."

Central Oregon Locavore Executive Director Patrick Brown said they hosted Saturday's event because the labeling initiative is part of helping local farmers as a whole.

Just this week, voters in southern Oregon's Jackson and Josephine counties banned the cultivation of genetically modified seeds.

Vermont, Maine and Connecticut have all passed labeling laws, though they don't take effect right away. There are 85 bills on GMO labeling pending in 30 states.

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