SEASIDE - The Good News Club will meet from 3 to 4 p.m. Tuesdays during the school year at Seaside Assembly Church, 540 S. Holladay Drive. Activities will include playing games, singing songs, learning Bible verses and listening to Bible and missionary stories. All children in kindergarten through fifth grade are welcome.

Good News Club staff are volunteers from local churches who are trained in Child Evangelism Fellowship and use CEF materials. Local churches help with the purchase of supplies, transportation and other costs. For information on the fellowship, volunteer possibilities and available training, call Ellen Cook, director, at (503) 325-7141 or (503) 440-2231.

Participating students must have a bus note each week to ride the bus from Seaside Heights or to be transported by the club van from Gearhart Elementary School. Morning kindergarten children are welcome, but must use alternate transportation. Parents may pick up their children at 4 p.m. or make other arrangements the day before the club.

Parents are welcome to visit at any time, and can help by providing snacks of fresh fruit or vegetables or assisting with transportation.

For information about the Good News Club, call Marian Schulz at (503) 738-6646 or (503) 347-0230 or Vera Capps at (503) 738-9798.