SEASIDE - Avid readers and philanthropists looking for ways to support a local library need look no further than Seaside.

The project for a new library in Seaside is in its 10th year and Library Director Reita Fackrell, along with the Library Board, are hoping to see the new building open in October 2008.

There are "naming opportunities" available that serve a twofold purpose: Honoring the money donator and providing funding for a part of the new library. Currently, 36 such opportunities are still available for those interested in donating.

For a very generous donor, who gives $1 million to the library, they can have the ultimate honor.

"We would name the library after you," said Fackrell.

However, Fackrell characterizes the community meeting room as the most valuable purchase to the library. For $500,000 a donor can have their name immortalized by the meeting room.

These donation opportunities range in value from $1 million to $500 but there are other ways to donate funds to the new library for those who cannot afford that sort of expenditure, even if it is tax deductible. The library is also selling ceramic tiles for $100. Those tiles will be displayed throughout the library and can say just about

anything the purchaser wishes for them to say.

Would be donors can also team up with other donors to pool monetary resources for purchase of naming opportunities.

"We'd love to have this be a community project, and the more people that are involved, the stronger the library will be," said Fackrell.

So far, the library has raised roughly $55,000 through the naming opportunities fundraiser, which, according to Fackrell, is about half of what was budgeted for the project.

To purchase a naming opportunity or tile, donors can either stop by the library or call Fackrel at (503) 738-6742 to arrange a purchase.

Those who do not wish to purchase a naming opportunity, but would still like to contribute to the library fund, can do so two ways. There is a collection jar at the front of the library into which everything from loose change to large bills can be dropped. People can also simply donate funds to the library by giving Fackrell a set amount of money.

"We'd be happy to have that (monetary donation)," said Fackrell. "We'd be honored."


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