Oregon Senate must confirm selectionsTILLAMOOK - Tim Josi of Bay City has been named to the Land Conservation and Development Commission.

Gov. Ted Kulongosk's selections are subject to Senate confirmation. Others appointed were Marilyn Dell Worrix, a real estate broker, of McMinnville; Ron Henri of Talent, a vice president for Bear Creek Corp.; Hanley Jenkins of La Grande, a Union County planner; and Margaret Kirkpatrick, an attorney, of Portland.

To make room for the appointees, three current members will need to step down early. Two seats are vacant.

Oregon's land-use rules were developed in the 1970s under former Gov. Tom McCall in an attempt to prevent suburban sprawl from overtaking the state's farms and forestland. However, the guidelines frequently spark criticism from developers who say they are too restrictive when it comes to construction on farmland.

Josi has owned Mountain View Landscaping since 1973. He serves as a county commissioner for Tillamook County and is vice president of the Association of Oregon Counties. He served in the Oregon Legislature as a state representative from 1991 to 1998. His experience in land-use planning includes serving as chairman of the North Central Citizens' Advisory Committee which helped develop Tillamook County's land-use ordinances. He also served for five years on Bay City's Planning Commission and was the director of the Tillamook People's Utility District from 1982 to 1989. Josi received his bachelor's degree in Parks and Recreation Administration from Oregon State University in 1972.

"This commission will play a critical role in facilitating a statewide conversation about the value and role of land use planning in creating a sustainable future for Oregon," he said.

He has set four goals:

• Create a land-use system for the 21st century.

• Put the "D" back in LCDC. "We have done a great job in protecting farm and forest and we need to continue to do so," said the Governor. "However, we also need to provide land for creating jobs and economic vitality for all Oregonians. This means recognizing that people in different parts of this state have different economic needs."

• Streamline the land use process.

• Help local governments.

The Land Conservation and Development Commission is responsible for overseeing the drafting and rewriting of land-use rules - and each decision can potentially affect millions of dollars' worth of development.

In 1999, the Legislature passed a law that calls for the land-use commission's membership to come from across the state, in part to help ensure a diversity of philosophies.

David Hunnicutt, director of Oregonians in Action, a property rights group, said Kulongoski doesn't appear to be following the spirit of that law because the appointees from southern and eastern Oregon appear to be pro-planning. Those regions are places where the land-use system is less-than-popular, he said.

The southern Oregon appointee, Henri works for Bear Creek Corp., but has ties to land-use watchdog 1000 Friends of Oregon and served on that group's farmer advisory committee.

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