Oregon Public Broadcasting

The Oregon Parks and Recreation Department is holding an open house at the library in LaGrande Monday night to discuss a proposed new 134-mile bikeway.

The Grand Tour Bikeway would pass through LaGrande, Union and Baker City along some of the most scenic roads in the state.

The bike recreation coordinator with the state parks and rec department is Alex Phillips. She's ridden the route and says the plan is to bring more tourists into the area and help the economy.

Phillips explains, "It's an incredible route. The very low traffic roads with views of mountain ranges almost everywhere you look, pass through some really wonderful cute towns and really get a feeling of Eastern Oregon."

The route would be the ninth such scenic bikeway in Oregon. The routes provide riders with signs to follow, and ways to find information on the web about where to eat; how to break the route into different stages by staying the night at local hotels; and where to go to fix a flat.

The State Parks Commission is expected to officially designate the route in April.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.