Candidate Vince Williams blames county for outcomeClatsop County Commissioner Bob Green is postponing his departure from the board of commissioners until the dispute over his successor is resolved.

Green announced Wednesday at the commissioners' meeting that he will not step down July 1 as he had earlier planned, because of the challenge over the May 18 election for his seat that was filed by candidate Vince Williams.

"I will not be resigning until all the May 18 election issues are resolved," he said.

Patricia Roberts defeated Williams in the mail-in election for the District 2 seat now held by Green. But Williams filed a complaint with the Oregon Secretary of State's office last month over the county's handling of incorrect ballots that were sent to an estimated 265 Republican voters in Gearhart.

Williams has asked that his name appear along with Roberts' on the November general election ballot. Under the county's election rules, the winner of the primary appears alone on the November ballot.

Green, who endorsed fellow Gearhart resident Roberts in the May election, had announced earlier that he planned to step down six months before the end of his term for health reasons. Green suffered a stroke days after being sworn in as commissioner in 2001.

Green didn't set another resignation date. "I'll let you know when I feel like it," he said Wednesday.

In the event of a vacancy, the remaining commissioners appoint a person to fill the rest of the departing commissioner's term.

Williams claims that the county elections office didn't make enough of an effort to determine how many voters received incorrect ballots. Because of a labeling error, about 265 ballots that did not list the commissioner race were mailed to Republican-registered voters, according to the elections office.

The county mailed new ballots to all GOP voters in the affected precinct, and sent postcards to other District 2 voters asking them to double-check their ballots to make sure they included the contest.

The Secretary of State's office is investigating Williams' complaint, but does not have the authority to undo the election result. Williams said he is considering filing suit in circuit court to challenge the election outcome.


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