Bali is next year's destinationFor decades, Rotarians have led teams of young business and professional people to foreign destinations to learn more about their work. It's called Group Study Exchange (GSE), and it is one of the most popular and successful programs in Rotary International. Rotary District 5100 invites people age 25 to 40 to participate in a GSE trip to Bali in Indonesia.

Rotary pays for all airfare and travel and provides lodging and most food. There are modest additional costs to team members.

This year's team will leave for Bali Feb. 6 and return March 5.

There will be vocational exchanges, where team members will meet with people in a similar occupation. Members will learn about their education, how their business or work is done in a different part of the world, how they meet challenges and solve problems.

However, it is no mere vacation. It is a serious program by Rotary to create international relationships, build understanding of other cultures and contribute to world peace. Team members will study and practice the Indonesian language and customs. Days and many evenings will be programmed and very busy.

GSE team members will be asked to develop individual and team presentations and give them to many Rotary Clubs and conferences. Their research and presentations typically covers the Pacific Northwest, its history, culture, geography and demographics, detailed information about the Rotary District, plus personal, revealing information about their own lifestyle, family, work and avocations. They will also be required to become comfortable speaking Indonesian and some Balinese.

Applicants for GSE team member positions must be comfortable traveling in foreign countries, be 25 to 40 years old, in good health, a U.S. citizen, well educated and have good vocational skills. They should be ready to share their vocation enthusiastically, and willing to learn Balinesian methods and skills applicable to their work. Most importantly, they ought to be flexible, and open to learn a very different culture. Work as part of a GSE team is physically and emotionally demanding.

In addition to age restrictions, applicants must work or live within the district boundaries: from Eugene to Portland, Eastern Oregon to the Coast, plus Clark County. This program is for non-Rotary people, so people related to Rotarians or working for Rotary are not permitted.

Completed applications with all attachments must be postmarked by July 6. Send applications to: Sandy McDowall, P.O. Box 590, Seaside, OR 97138. Once applications are received, applicants will be notified of the date and time of the interview. The target date for interviews is July 10.

Applications are available online at ( ber/index.html)

For more information, contact GSE chairwoman Sandy McDowall at 738-9515 or GSE team leaders Stewart Martin (503) 368-7474 and Richela Avedon-Grantz (360) 254-8892.


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