On Jan. 24, Hazel Boebert-Stephens turned "100 years young," according to her granddaughter-in-law, Joyce Shepard, and a birthday party was held that afternoon at the Iredale Kitchen of the KOA in Hammond. Shepard said approximately 150 people showed up to help Hazel celebrate throughout the day and enjoy the cake, sandwiches, pizza and potluck dishes.

One of the guests was Hazel's 99-year-old friend, Doris Busch. "They have been friends since high school and graduated from Astoria High School in 1928," Shepard wrote. "They have kept in touch and still write to each other and have been close all these years."

Relatives came from far and wide to celebrate the centennial. Shepard said, "the farthest traveler was Frank Boebert, with his wife and two daughters who traveled from Venice, Fla. Frank is Hazel's oldest son. Daughter Carol Shepard and her husband, Mick, flew in from Arizona for the party.

"Hazel's reaction to her party was 'totally overwhelmed.' She was able to catch up with old friends she hasn't seen for a while, and had most of her grandchildren and a few great-grandchildren, all in the same room at one time. She had a great time but was getting pretty tired as the party wore down and said she would see us all in another year. Everyone had a great time, and Hazel especially loved seeing everyone."


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