Alderbrook resident GRACE TAYLOR told her neighbor, STACEY McKENNEY, that she had a pigeon on her porch. Stacey’s daughter, RHIANNON McKENNEY, came over and trapped the bird, which, as it turned out, wasn’t just any old pigeon.

It was a HOMING PIGEON, and the bird had an identification band on it plus a band with a clocking number. For reasons no one can figure out, someone had clipped the bird’s wings, which is why it was stuck in Alderbrook.

Stacey called TINA DELAY of 4-H at the Oregon State University Extension office, who went through the roster of pigeon owners and referred Stacey to a 4-H mom, LISA WITTICH of Seaside. Sadly, Lisa’s son, ASHTON, who is a member of the Fur & Feathers 4-H Club, just lost a homing pigeon at the last state fair. Lisa and her mother, LUANA JATON, drove up to Astoria, picked up the bird and brought it to Ashton to take care of until the owner could be found.

Lisa was able to track down the bird’s owner, FLORIN POTRA of Kent, Wash., who breeds and races homing pigeons, through a racing pigeon association. The bird had been on its way to Seattle before getting sidetracked in Alderbrook.

It turns out the bird has a pedigree “a mile long” and comes from a line of champions. Florin generously offered to give the bird to Ashton to replace the one he lost at the fair, and brought the pigeon’s pedigree to Ashton last Thursday.

Did the Ear mention the bird’s name is LUCKY? “How lucky could she be to find someone who knows about birds?” Lisa asked. The name certainly fits.

Pictured above left, from left, Ashton and Lucky with Florin; pictured right, the bird’s pedigree.

“My son is thrilled,” Lisa added. “It’s a beautiful homer. A miracle bird has walked into our house.”

— Elleda Wilson