The following students have earned a 3.5 grade point average or higher at their schools, qualifying them for the honor roll.

Clatsop Community College

AstoriaAstoria: Jared Acuna, Antonio Alcantar, Michael Berry, Connor Borne, Jeffrey Burke, Rachel Davidson, Verna Dunlap, Mykhol Estrada, Jessica Fish, Kristopher French, Damien Gannaway, Basca Glasnapp, Kathryn Graf, Shelly Gregory, Christopher Gustafson, Rebecca Hass, Robert McLellan, Sarah Owenby, Kristina Oxford, Tanya Pierce, Daniel Ralph, Little Star Rider, Dana Seago, Joshua Seago, Tamela Trammell, Andrea Trenner, David Trujillo, Ashley Ybarra.

Cannon Beach: Elaine Murdy, Krysta Nagel.

Chinook, Wash.: Anna Larimore.

Clatskanie: Colleen Grittman, Jennifer King.

Gearhart: Natosha Adams.

Long Beach, Wash.: Jessica George, Logan Hazen, Kaylin Knutzen, Jasmin Schaefer.

Ocean Park, Wash.: Tarah O'Brien.

Seaside: Havana Gardner, Cheryl Jenks, Sarah McBride, Dawn Stevick.

Warrenton: Janine Dean, Michael Moore, Joseph Sakrisson, Brandon Williams.

Eastern Oregon University

La GrandeAstoria: Allison Quigley, Teresa Sims.


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