The following students have earned a 3.5 grade point average or higher at their schools, qualifying them for the honor roll.

Clatsop Community College

AstoriaAstoria: Katelyn Bogh, Luke Brawley, Lorie Breazeal, Joshua Brown, Joseph Bruzda, Helen Carraway, Danielle Cepeda, Alexandria Chandler, Rhonda Conrad, Shellee Eberhard, June Eillenberger, Dale Espelund, Daisy Gildner, Jacob Graham, Thomas Hall, Rick Hawkins, Retief Haynesmith, Delora Hibbitts, Ashley Hurlburt, Alexis Johnson, Nacole Johnson, Jennifer Keating, Edward Kinney, Sofie Kline, Kimberly Kulczyk, Diane Lane, Kimberly Miller, David Moberg, Samantha Nava-Jasso, Brian Nice, Serena Orwick, Kevin Pitts, Lisa Pond, Joshua Ray, Diane Rhoads, Rosanna Roberts, Michael Shaw, Nicholas Smith, Han Soderberg, Kortney Taylor, Christopher Thorne, Brian Van Gundy, Shiloh Walker, Julie Whitus, Tara Wikstrom, Mitch Zschoche.

Gearhart: Jamie Scire, Josiah Sigler, Tanya Waddell.

Hammond: Stephanie Doughty, James Smethurst, Amber Sullivan, Elizabeth Talbert.

Long Beach, Wash.: Cynthia Challis, Shawna Downes, Karla Parsons, David Stull.

Naselle, Wash.: Evan Hendrickson, Clarissa Howse.

Ocean Park, Wash.: Troy Reardon, Matthew Watkins.

Seaside: Trista Churchill, William Hunsaker, Whitney Leiferman, Kyle Oathes, Jamie Potter, Frederic Randall, Xochilt Ruvalcaba, Donald Seybold.

Tolovana Park: Jessica Brien, Asheley Nagle.

Warrenton: Adina Baidoo, Lisa Heston, Jessica Hoffman, Bobbie Isom, Jeremiah Scott, Matthew Smith, Blair Stamm, Leesa Wagner, Paul Wickliffe.

Westport: Adrianne Douma.


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