The following students have earned a 3.5 grade point average or higher at their schools, qualifying them for the honor roll.

Cottey College

Nevada, Mo.

Astoria: Maren Berg-Rooper.

University of Portland

Astoria: Melissa Grothe.

Astoria Middle School

Eighth grade: Michelle Aleman, Jessica Gardner, Sarah Hissner, Mackenzie Hunter, Randall Olson, William Samp, Christina Sowins, Helen Taylor Tikkala, Dariah Van De Grift, Jodi Vollmer, Elaine Alexander, Nicole Aydt, Jane Brodie, Benjamin Burnham, Hannah Coffey, Kendra Davis, Valeria Dominquez, Ashlyn Gohl, Karina Goicochea, Jasmine Golden-Sea, Christian Gramson, Nathan Hampton, Kaley Harris, Michael Higginbotham, Abigail Hines, Hannah Holthusen, Brian Houghton, Rhy Kelly, Leon Matlock, Hannah Miller, Aurora Olson, Kiera Olson, Michael Partos, Benjamin Rudolph, Tony Rudolfi, Carson Whisler, Jonathan Williams, Kelly Woltjer.

Seventh grade: Naomi Cain, Tevan Goldberg, Ani Graves, Abbie Johnson, Noelle Lund, Daina Ploghoft, Brooke Reichert, Kennedy Rub, Zhoe Rub, Sophie Sundquist, Matthew Berger, Karissa Brunmeier, Jessica Creager, Darby Cullen, Kjirsten Fastabend, Morgan Fauver, Karley Gauthier, Brittany Hankel, Nathaniel Holcom, Kelsie Hoppes, Brittni Leback, Riley Newton, Kathryn Russell, Allison Silva, Cole Thomas, D'len Thomasian, Alexis Woods, Kayla Worwood.


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