Why should I sponsor The Daily Astorian in a classroom?

Today's students are tomorrow's employees, customers and voters. Wouldn't you like them to be better educated about your business? The

Daily Astorian Newspaper in Education program offers you the opportunity to sponsor the North Coast's finest local newspaper to teach students about real-life issues that affect local families.

What is NIE?

Newspaper in Education is a cooperative program which teams students with newspapers. Schools get papers free through sponsors or at reduced prices. Because of budget constraints, many schools are unable to pay even the reduced rates. They need your help.

How will The Daily Astorian benefit my classroom?

DAILY EDITIONS - The Daily Astorian offers a broad spectrum of current information that is received at the beginning of everyday.

REGIONAL NEWS - The news from your own backyard, your city, your county and your state will interest students.

CURRENT - The latest news and market reports give your students up-to-the-minute information that isn't in textbooks.

SPECIAL SECTIONS - Kid Scoop features activities that get kids hands and minds into the newspaper. The games, information, and activities are written by a former classroom teacher and award-winning curriculum writer.

How do I choose a classroom?

There are two ways to choose a classroom. First, let us pick for you. We have a list of teachers who are anxious to use The Daily Astorian as a learning tool in their classes. You'll be matched with the classroom nearest to you.

If you'd prefer, you can choose a school you'd like to sponsor. Fill in as much information as you can about the classroom you'd like to sponsor and we'll take care of contacting the school.

The Daily Astorian is useful to everyone who is concerned about the news and issues surroundingour families and our world.

How will I benefit from sponsoring a classroom?

You'll benefit from knowing that kids in your area are getting current, local, regional news

Teachers and students will know that you or your business cares about them. Teachers are encouraged to let their students know who sponsored their subscriptions. Students are often allowed to take home the newspaper after their lessons, so they can share this information with their families

Can I afford to sponsor a classroom?

Whether you're a large corporation, a small household, or a concerned individual, you are encouraged to participate.

The daily Astorian greatly reduces our subscription rates for classrooms. We pass this savings on to the schools and sponsors in order to make sponsorship affordable.

For only $150 per school year your classroom will get 25 copies of the The Daily Astorian each week. Call or email NIE Coordinator for other options.

Your gift may be tax deductible. Check with your tax advisor.

How do I sign up to sponsor a classroom?

E-mail NIE Coordinator Samantha McLaren or call her at 800-781-3211 or 503-325-3211 for more information and to sign up.


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