News we can useMuch of the news and information The Daily Astorian reports comes directly from you in the form of press releases. We receive hundreds of them each week; far more than we have room to publish. A properly prepared press release can increase your chances of getting information about your event, achievement or organization published in the newspaper.

Within your release include:

• Who

• What

• When

• Where

• Why

• Summarize your story or announcement in the first sentence, stressing the most important points.

• Encapsulate other details as briefly as possible in the following paragraphs. Within these paragraphs include suggestions on news angles or relationships to other issues in the news.

• Include a short paragraph describing your organization and its members. Key Points to Address• If your release is not on letterhead, list the name, address and phone number of the group issuing the information. Please include a spokesperson's name and day and evening phone numbers so, if needed, a reporter can check for more details.

• "For release dates" are helpful if you do not want your announcement made until a later date. Editors are not bound by such dates, but they usually observe them. If you don't have a later date in mind, type "For immediate release" to indicate your information is to be used promptly.

• Seldom does a release need to be more than a single page. Write short sentences and paragraphs. Start with the most important points and work down.

• Use the online press release form or e-mail your release. If you wish to mail it, use the address below.

• Online forms are available for anniversaries, births, engagements, letters to the editor, obituaries, weddings and business news. Call ext. 257 for one to be mailed or faxed to you.DeadlinesPlease try to send your release so it arrives two weeks in advance. Use the online press release form or e-mail if a release has some urgency.

Newspaper stories aren't usually planned overnight. Perhaps your news is a story a reporter would like to pursue. Sending information a month or two weeks in advance can sometimes pay off with a larger story.Submitting photosYou are welcome to submit photos with your press release; however, photos may or may not be used in print. Mailed photos are held for a period of time for the owner to pick up.

If you do submit a photo, it must be of good quality, in sharp focus and people's faces should be no smaller than a thumb print. Identify each person in a caption attached to the back of the photo and include a phone number.Calling it InIf you have an urgent news tip, give a call to the correct department and briefly state your information (see listing below). The person handling your call will take it from there. Because of reporter schedules and logistics, we ask that phone calls be limited to information that can't be covered by a press release.

(503) 325-3211 or (800) 781-3211

If you are unsure whether to call or write, call our editorial assistant at ext. 257 or e-mail to (

Thank you for your support and interest in The Daily Astorian. Working together is the best way to ensure that our news is your news.

The Daily Astorian

949 Exchange St. • Astoria

140 N. Roosevelt • Seaside

Mailing: P.O. Box 210

Astoria, OR 97103

(503) 325-3211 • (800) 781-3211

Fax: (503) 325-6573

news@dailyastorian.comDepartment Extensions Astoria/Warrenton city news - 213

Business/environment news - 215

Calendar items - 257

Coast Guard - 216

Community/Religion - 257

County government - 212

Editorials - 220

Education/families - 216

Entertainment, art news(Coast Weekend) - 217

Information - 257

Letters to the Editor - 257

Local news - 220

Obituaries/births - 257

Photo department - 211

Photo reprints - 200

Public safety/courts - 213

South County news - 241

Sports news (after 4 p.m.) - 214

Sports news (before 4) - 218

Weddings and anniversaries - 257

Once you've written your press release, you need to get it to the right department. If you're not sending it to an individual editor or reporter, send it to the appropriate department such as: city news, entertainment, business, sports, etc. If in doubt, ask for ext. 257.


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