When explosions rocked the Boston Marathon route Monday, hundreds of Oregonians were in the city for the race.

More than 300 people from Oregon were registered for the marathon, and Nike and Adidas both had staffs of people there.

Dave Harkin #210 finishes the Boston Marathon. Photo courtesy Boston Athletic Association

Dave Harkin owns the Portland Running Company. He had just finished running the marathon and returned to his hotel. He says at the race's four-hour mark an explosion went off.

"If you've never heard a bomb, when you hear it, you know it's a bomb. And about 15 seconds later another explosion went off right at the intersection of our hotel. You know, shook the building and basically sent us all into a panic. And we looked out into the street and everybody was running away. I mean, it gives you visions of 9/11 you know that scene where everybody is just running away from what's happened without worrying about what has happened. They just know it's bad."

Melissa Fryback is a marketing executive from Beaverton. She ran the race, and was leaving the finishing area when the explosions went off.

"I hurt for the people who lost their lives, or who were injured. My heart aches for all of those runners who have done so much to get here and to be here today. And it's unfathomable. It makes absolutely no sense to me that something that's so happy, has been destroyed by that. I don't care about my time any more or how well I did. It's irrelevant compared to what has occurred."

Fryback says her hotel is about four blocks away from the finishing area, and was not evacuated. But security has been increased.

She says Oregon has a tight-knit running community and she's busy trying to make sure everyone she knows is okay.

Anyone wanting information about those who participated in the race, should call 1-617-635-4500 and those with information that may help police were urged to call 1-800-494-TIPS, Boston police say.

The Red Cross said to use their website if you are someone who wants to let family members that you are OK.

Google also has a site to find loved ones.

Searchable results of Boston Marathon finishers

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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