Emily Delay had just crossed the finish line at her first Boston Marathon Monday, when she went one street over to meet her husband Jared.

The two Clatsop County residents reunited and then began walking back to watch the rest of the race when two earth-shattering sounds stopped them in their tracks.

“We had just found each other when we heard it,” she said. “We couldn’t see it but we could hear it and feel it. We ran inside the hotel and waited. Then we just saw massive amounts of people running towards us.”

Two bombs exploded seconds apart at the finish line at approximately 2:45 p.m. Monday.

So far, three people including an 8-year-old boy have been reported dead; 170 have been reported as injured.

The Delays are Clatsop County 4-H leaders and beef superintendents. Emily Delay had finished the race in 3:23:23, her fifth marathon with her first four held in Portland. Her husband was a spectator, supporting his wife.

“This was different than anything I have ever experienced. It was a marathon. It was supposed to be happy and exciting. It was far from that,” Emily Delay said.

A message about the couple in lockdown at the hotel was posted on the county’s 4-H Facebook page Monday, along with a text message from Jared Delay that read, “Crazy here, about 50 yards from us, they have us locked up in a hotel right now until they are sure there are no more bombs.”

At 5 p.m. Pacific Standard Time, an update stated the couple was out of lockdown and on their way back to their hotel.

“Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers,” the 4-H page stated.

Jared Delay is an employee of Clatsop Distributing. Emily is an employee of Warrenton’s UPS store.

The couple has a 21/2 year old son, Tucker, who at the last minute they decided to leave with grandparents.

“We were locked down for four or five hours. Everything was on lockdown,” she said. “We were right by the medical tents but all of the buildings are so high here you couldn’t see any of the people who were injured, you just saw hundreds of ambulances coming in and out and people being wheeled to the tent.

“It’s all so surreal and I can’t imagine that I was in front of this 45 minutes prior to it going off. I’m still in ‘awe.’ I don’t feel the way I should feel after completing 26 miles. It wasn’t glorious. It was chaos. It was sad. It was supposed to be a vacation for us and at the last minute we decided to leave (Tucker) at home. Thank goodness we did.”

The Delays planned to come home Friday but airlines are offering flight changes at no extra charge so the couple will fly home tonight.


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