WARRENTON - The Warrenton Business Association piked three goals to focus on in 2008 during a meeting Feb. 5 at Warrenton City Hall.

The first goal is to improve the city's two main entrances or gateways and add weed-control maintenance. City signs could be illuminated using solar-panel technology.

The second goal includes downtown improvement possibilities such as installing freestanding or hanging plant and flower baskets, finding a way to improve downtown lighting and developing a uniform downtown improvement plan that could include benches, awnings and wine keg planters.

Making changes to the Old-fashioned Fourth celebration was the third goal. The group will expand and improve the planning for this annual event, held for the first time last year. Members will work more closely with other agencies and individuals, such as the city, the police department, parade organizer Gillian Maggert and the Astoria-Warrenton Area Chamber of Commerce.

Other, more long-term goals were also discussed, such as an event center, a skate park, expanding the current Web site (www.warrentonbusinessassociation.org) or creating a tourist-oriented Web site, an advertising campaign featuring shopping and dining opportunities in Warrenton, developing a community newsletter, and plans for city hall landscaping.

For information on the WBA, or to provide input on the group's goals, contact Cindy Yingst at 861-7447. Applications are available at city hall, 225 S. Main Ave., for those interested in serving on the board.


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