UFO? A gentleman (he prefers to remain nameless) spoke to the Ear about an unusual sighting in Gearhart the night of May 11 around 10:20 p.m. His sister-in-law stepped outside to check out a skunk odor, and happened to look up. She noticed bright light out of northeast that was traveling across the sky to the southeast. Other relatives happened to show up and saw it, too, and that is when our caller went out to look.

He said there was no sound, that it was not like an aircraft and bigger than a star. The brilliant light jigged around a little bit and was strobing with four rapidly changing colors: red, blue, white and green as it traveled across the sky. He saw it for about a minute and a half of the approximately four minutes it was visible before it faded and disappeared.

Intrigued, the Ear told the caller to report the incident to UFOs Northwest (www.ufosnw.com) to see if anyone else saw it, too, and if so, if there's any logical explanation available. Did any of our other readers see it?


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