Job Corps students honoredTwo Tongue Point Job Corps students were honored in a regional Joint Action in Community Service art contest. The poster contest was part of Job Corps' 40th Anniversary celebration and focused on the theme of "Community." Students were asked to create posters depicting their dream communities. Sean Ritsema's "Natural Existence" poster, right, won first place in the region, while Christina Rommel's submission, "Loving Arms," below, placed second.

Our newspaper's "Point of View" section Wednesday contained some interesting views about "The Goonies." Our online poll reached the following conclusions when we asked readers "Why has 'The Goonies' endured for 20 years?"

Some 24 percent said "It's good, clean fun; 37 percent commended its "adventurous spirit;" 12 percent said, "great story, great actors; 17 percent praised the Astoria scenery; and a striking 9 percent (who have been living on Mars for the last 20 years) asked "What's 'The Goonies'?" The total number of voters was 75.

What do our congressman and a former hobbit have in common? Turns out, a strong interest in education. U.S. Rep. DAVID WU and SEAN ASTIN met last year at a campaign event for Sen. JOHN KERRY's presidential run, and found out that they shared an interest in the state of schools around the country. Astin had also filmed a movie in Wu's district years ago - perhaps you've heard of it?

So when "The Goonies" 20th anniversary "Never Say Die" event came to town last weekend, the two met up again at the Goonies house. Astin explained that one of the reasons he came to town Saturday was to cement his friendship with Wu, and make sure the two of them had access to each other in the future.

Saturday was also Astin's first time back to the Goonies house in two decades, and he had nothing but praise for what owner SANDI PRESTON had done with the house. "She's done such a great job restoring it," Astin said. He said that he was proud that the house means something to people, calling it "a sort of secular mecca, or pop cultural mecca," which people can see and touch and then remember what the movie meant to them.

The house gained even more meaning for one couple over the weekend, as Sarah and Steve Borron of Portland, pictured with Astin between them, got married Saturday in the living room of the Goonies house. The couple knew less than two weeks after they met that they wanted to get married, and were engaged for more than a year. The happy couple celebrated afterward with a cake decorated like a treasure chest.

Remember some while back the North Coast had a visit from South Korean businessmen interested in investing some of their wealth in a golf course or other potentially lucrative projects hereabouts? Well, a little birdy whispered in the Ear that some of their compatriots are heading here this month to "kick a few tires." When the Ear called around, many of the usual suspects around the corridors of power seemed surprisingly unforthcoming on the subject. At the intersection of 17th Street and Jerome Avenue in Astoria there's an intriguing piece of real estate that could be cleared and replaced with some condos with an incredible Columbia River view. Of course, Clatsop Community College would have to move somewhere else first.

A group of an estimated 4,000 Service Employees International Union (SEIU) members marched from Riverfront Park in Salem to the Capitol recently in support of affordable health care and a fair contract for state workers. Dave Sheldon, of Astoria, was one of the group who came by bus from around the state to have their voices heard. "Our members work to improve the quality of life in Oregon," said Sheldon, a worker at the Gnat Creek Hatchery. "We protect natural resources, maintain our highways, and make life better for families. We're standing up for everyone's right to affordable health care."

Greg Ledbetter, SEIU Bargaining Team chairman, spoke about the fight to stop shifting health care costs onto workers in Oregon. SEIU members are working for health care reform at the Legislature.

Art instructors Richard Rowland (ceramics) and Kristen Shauck (painting) expressed their appreciation as the Clatsop Community College Foundation hosted a special evening at the College Art Center Gallery May 20 to thank donors who contributed to the appeal from the Art Department at the 2004 Art Auction.

The fundraising project, led by then-Rep. Betsy Johnson, raised nearly $5,900 for the Art Department, which allowed them to purchase French easels for the painting classes and a new kiln for the ceramics studio.

To make a donation to the Foundation, contact Nadine Faith at 338-2306 or

People may also send a contribution to Clatsop Community College Foundation, 1653 Jerome Ave., Astoria, OR 97103. Contributions are tax-deductible.

Word has reached the Ear of the conclusion of the raffle held by St. Mary, Star of the Sea School for a 2005 Ford Mustang GT. Tickets were $25 and the school sold 2,000 of them, with the money from the event going toward curriculum enhancements. Lucky Joe Tarabochia of Astoria won the car.

And finally, Ear hears that Salem is abuzz with the possibility that Secretary of State BILL BRADBURY might resign for health reasons. AND, ear hears, the front-runner for the gubernatorial appointment is state Sen. BETSY JOHNSON.

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