With Long Beach's World Kite Museum wrapping up its purchase of a new facility on Sid Snyder Drive, The Daily Astorian, its sister paper, the Chinook Observer, and their parent company provided a $2,000 donation to help seal the deal.

"The Daily Astorian and the East Oregonian Publishing Co. are participating in this gift because we believe the World Kite Museum is a significant project for the Long Beach Peninsula as well as the larger region," according to Steve Forrester, editor and publisher of the Daily Astorian and chief executive officer of EO Publishing. Chinook Observer editor and publisher Matt Winters, left, presented museum board member Blaine Walker with a check and DEBBIE FUNK was on hand to snap a photo. "It's a pleasure to see peninsula people unite on behalf of a great outfit like the Kite Museum," Winters said.

Congratulations to McKenzie Van Osdol, 13, of Knappa, and her horse, Broadway's Choice (B.C.) for making it to the Oregon State Fair in Salem and for receiving a medallion award in showmanship in the intermediate class. She was recognized as one of the top four in showmanship in Oregon.

Kathy Astala of Portland, a former resident of Astoria and a member of Astoria High School's Class of 1957, told BILL (also AHS Class '57) and GEORGETTE EASTLAND of Svensen she was very pleased with the Web site (www.cannerypierhotel.com), which showcases the new waterfront hotel and Astoria, too. "It makes you proud of the old town."

The Eastlands believe Kathy's dad was among those who worked at the Union Fish Cannery and indeed Kathy may have worked there also to put herself through college. Small world.

And just in case you missed the story about how one Newfoundland dog called Seaman changed the course of history (or if you just wanted to watch it again), film maker Ken Burns' "American Stories" are being shown on Oregon Public Broadcasting's Channel 10 next week. "Lewis and Clark: The Journey of the Corps of Discovery" parts 1 and 2 will air Tuesday and Wednesday from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m.

Some 24 members of The Noble and Most Singular Order of the Blue Carbuncle, a Portland-based Sherlock Holmes Society, will spend Labor Day weekend in Astoria for their annual hiatus and retreat. Their headquarters will be the Rosebriar Hotel.

The organization's name comes from one of the Holmes stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Both literary and social activities are pursued, and the members attend many functions in Victorian attire to help provide the period atmosphere.

A number of activities are planned, including a tour of the Flavel House, a tour of the Columbia River Maritime Museum, a picnic and croquet at the Maritime Memorial Park and high tea at the Windsor House of Tea. There will be times for individual presentations, a chance to solve a mystery contest and an "evening of elegance" at the Rosebriar Hotel.

For more information about the society, and its visit to Astoria, e-mail (vaughan@molalla.net)

Huge schools of ANCHOVIES swimming in the ocean off Gearhart on their way to local pizza places on a recent weekend attracted equally huge flocks of SEABIRDS, who find the little silver fish tasty even without cheese and sauce. The anchovies were raw, but you could see the water boiling, said JOHN CANDY, of Vashon Island, Wash. He was at the beach with his parents, BOB and EDNA GREEN, who live in Gearhart, and shot this photo. The birds could see the roiling water too, and within a couple of minutes, thousands were diving and circling, spearing and gobbling, Candy said, much to the amazement of beach-goers.

Public Health Nurse Margo Lalich is pictured receiving a check from JIM SERVINO as a donation from the Warrenton Sunrise Rotary. He will help ensure treatment for school children who get lice or scabies and meet specific criteria. School nurses will assess and determine if the child and family meet the criteria for receiving a kit.

The service organization recently donated $500 to Clatsop County Health and Human Services to buy treatment kits for families who cannot afford to buy them. These kits will include all supplies necessary to treat the condition.

President Barbara Blue said the organization was moved to make the donation following a presentation by Lalich about public health issues and needs.

Blue said children are her personal focus and this was a way the organization could make a positive difference in their lives. The donation will cover one year's supply of the kits

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