Hotel and job title:

Holiday Inn Express & Suites Astoria, General Manager

How long in that job:

Nine years

How long in the industry:

19 years

How did you get involved in the hospitality industry? Moved to the area from Texas and needed a job! Applied for and was hired as a sales assistant at a hotel in Seaside. I found out that I really enjoy the hospitality industry. It’s never the same thing two days in a row!

What’s your favorite amusing story/encounter with a tourist? I am always amused when a guest arrives and asks for an “ocean front” room. When we explain that the water out the back door is actually a “river,” they don’t always believe us! Sometimes people find it hard to believe the land on the other side of the river is the state of Washington, and not Canada!

Are there any “hidden gems” that visitors to your area shouldn’t miss? There are so many amazing things to do in our area — the Column, the Maritime Museum, Flavel House, Fort Stevens, Fort Clatsop. I do like to send people out to Young’s River Falls, especially in the spring. It is beautiful out there!

Projections for the 2013 summer season: All indications are that it will be a busy summer!

Will you be increasing your hiring for summer? We maintain a year-round full staff so do very little “seasonal” hiring. Most likely, a part time breakfast bar position and maybe a housekeeping attendant will be the only hiring for the summer.

Favorite vacation spot (anywhere): Egypt. My mom and I went on a 15-day Nile River cruise, stopping at all the temples along the way. Egypt was always on my “bucket list” so took the opportunity to go three years ago. Really glad I went when I did — I am sure the country will never be the same again. Such a shame — such amazing history.

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