Hotel and job title:

General Manager Best Western Ocean View Resort.

How long in that job:

6 weeks

How long in the industry:

17 years

How did you get involved in the hospitality industry? Started at the front desk at the Scottsdale Plaza Resort, Scottsdale, Ariz. John Q Hammons Hotels and Resorts hired me, and my different assignments took me to Beaumont, Texas, Rapid City, SD, Coral Springs, Fla., Little Rock, Ark., Topeka, Kan. and Junction City, Kan. with Marriott, Embassy Suites, Holiday Inn and two Independent Hotels.

What's your favorite amusing story/encounter with a tourist? Probably many, but I do recall one encounter in the mid-1980s while working an audit shift at the Scottsdale property, we checked in a family of eight: two adults and 6 children.

Our property was on 24 acres, and at the time we had two station wagons for transporting guests to the outer reaches of the property, I loaded all the guests into a station wagon out front, kids crying, people scrunched together, luggage packed in to every space available—only to realize I had just loaded this entire family and accompanying luggage into a station wagon that looked like the resort’s but belonged to another paying guest; which guest, I don’t know, so at this point had to unload everyone/luggage 12:30 a.m. start the whole process over.

There were some glares, and anxious moments as the parents wanted to get this nightmare over with and put the kids to bed.

Are there any “hidden gems” that visitors to your area shouldn’t miss? This whole coastline is amazing, Remember I have spent the last 8 years in Manhattan, Kan., though nice there, we don’t get the scenery this area provides.

Projections for the 2013 summer season: Busy, I am told.

Will you be increasing your hiring for summer? Yes, we will be elevating our staffing to meet the demand.

Favorite vacation spot (anywhere) and why: Well, I have built a vacation/retirement home in El Pino, Honduras, Calif., but haven’t even furnished it yet. Only been there four times, working with local contractors, etc. I hope to spend a lot more time there.

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