Hotel and job title:

The Breakers, general manager, Long Beach

How long in that job:

Eight years

How long in the industry:

30 years

How did you get involved in the hospitality industry? I was going to college and working at a hotel and just stayed in. I moved around in California, and there was always a job in a hotel when I moved.

What’s your favorite amusing story/encounter with a tourist? There were two drunk ladies on a balcony in front of the playground, and some mothers complained that they were dropping the “F-bomb” a lot. First they told the front desk people where they could go, then they told me where I could go, then they told the police where they could go. After they told me where I could go I called the police to have them evicted, so they went. The families were very appreciative and were actually cheering as they were escorted away

Are there any “hidden gems” visitors to your area shouldn’t miss? The bronze replica of the tree that Lewis & Clark carved their initials in. That might be the only thing to ride out a tsunami if there ever is one. (An interesting note, I met a woman in her 80s who used to visit the resort in the 30s or 40s who remembered seeing the actual Lewis & Clark tree.)

Also send folks to Cape Disappointment and to Beard’s Point at the end of the trail. I love Leadbetter reserve when you see 10,000 birds all take off at the same time

Projections for the 2013 summer season: Expecting a strong summer season. We’ve seen a slight uptick in the off-season. We’ve also seen an uptick in the clamming seasons. That was the first to drop off when the economy crashed.

Will you be increasing your hiring for summer? Of course. As business increases we will increase hiring for housekeeping and maintenance.

Favorite vacation spot (anywhere) and why: Usually go to the Bay Area because my family’s down there. When I vacation around in the Northwest I go to Portland or Seattle for the weekend. It’s nice to just go out to dinner past nine o’clock or go to a 24-hour Safeway.

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