Hotel and job title:

Shilo Inn Seaside Oceanfront, General Manager

How long in that job:

Eight years

How long in the industry:

21 years all with Shilo Inns

How did you get involved in the hospitality industry? In college as part of a marketing class I had to do a case study and presentation on an industry. I choose the hospitality industry, interviewed and toured two properties and found the people to be very friendly and fun.

What's your favorite amusing story/encounter with a tourist? I’ve seen many proposals, 50th anniversaries, weddings, birthdays, family reunions, and all kinds of special occasions that really make you feel good at the end of a hard day. Some guests just remind you how good human nature can be.

Just a few weeks ago a young couple in their early twenties checked in with a nine month old baby. We could tell they were on a budget and this was the first time they had a chance to get out since the young baby was born. They decided on the small standard hotel room on the city side of the hotel on a night we were at ninety percent occupancy. Early in the evening they spent some time in the lobby because the baby was crying and they didn’t want to disturb their neighbors.

I could definitely tell those first months of having a child keep you up all night had really made them want to take a trip and have fun. Late that night they came up to the front desk and asked about where they could get medicine for their baby who was teething. Unfortunately, all stores were closed.

They proceeded to tell how they need to check out and go home. They have been outside in their car for the last hour because the baby is crying and they don’t want to upset any of their neighbors. Seeing such young adults care so much about other people I couldn’t resist giving them a complimentary upgrade to the one bedroom oceanfront apartment suite on the first floor that has no other guest rooms around it. The next day our staff picked up some baby Tylenol when the stored opened for them.

Are there any “hidden gems” visitors to your area shouldn’t miss? Razor clams. Guest are always fascinated and unaware that just 100 yards in front of the hotel they are walking on razor clams. I like to take a break, take a walk on the beach, and pick up a few clams. When I return to the hotel guests are always intrigued by the clams, kids like to poke at them, and then the next day they borrow my gear and heading out.

Projections for the 2013 summer season:


Will you be increasing your hiring for summer? We always staff up for summer, but I am forecasting the same number of employees as previous summers

Favorite vacation spot (anywhere) and why: Disney world, loved it as a kid and will be taking my young kids there on our next family vacation.

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