Hotel and job title:

The Ocean Lodge, General Manager

How long in that job:

Starting my 11th year at The Ocean Lodge

How long in the industry:

In hospitality over 25 years

Where were you before your present job? Martin Hospitality

How did you get involved in the hospitality industry?

My best friend's husband managed Dooger's at the time. Now he owns Norma's Steak & Seafood. Once I got my taste (no pun intended) of serving people I found my sweet spot. Managing hotels was the next step.

What's your favorite amusing story/encounter with a tourist? I remember a young husband that requested for their anniversary if we could somehow create in fire “Happy Anniversary” in the sand. He was hoping that when his wife opened the blinds in the morning she would see that on the beach in front of their room. We are creative but we couldn’t quite come up with that, not knowing in advance if we would have rain or wind to deal with. We suggested maybe writing it with rocks in the sand. He thought that was a great idea. Little did I realize how many rocks it would take or how heavy carrying those rocks was going to be. In the end it had the effect he was hoping for and I got a really good work out! He even posted pictures and great comments on Trip Advisor. I could write a book with stories just from our daily log book.

Are there any “hidden gems” that visitors to your area shouldn’t miss? There are some amazing places to hike along the Oregon Coast. Hug Point, Short Sands Beach, and Tillamook Head just to name a few. Another favorite would be Coaster Theater. There is usually a great play and many times you might catch a wonderful musician you wouldn’t expect to be playing. Before you go to the theater you would need to make a stop in to the Wine Shack for a sampling of some wonderful Northwest wines.

Projections for the 2013 summer season: Full June through September

Will you be increasing your hiring for summer? Yes

Favorite vacation spot (anywhere) and why: The next couple years I would like to explore the great USA. I have always wanted to visit some of the national sites and small Inns along the East Coast. One I have on my list is a place called Tara’s in Pennsylvania.

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