indians watch as we pass dangerous section in our canoes

we purchase a unique hat from the indians

" a cool morning Capt Lewis and my Self walked down to See the place the Indians pointed out as the worst place in passing through the gut, which we found difficuelt of passing without great danger, but as the portage was impracticable with our large Canoes, we Concluded to Make a portage of our most valuable articles and run the Canoes through ... I had fixed on the Chanel with roaps to throw out to any who Should unfortunately meet with difficuelty in passing through; great number of Indians viewing us from the high rocks under which we had to pass, the 3 firt Canoes passed thro very well, the 4th nearly filled with water, the last passed through by taking in a little water, (we) thus safely below ...felt myself extreamly gratified and pleased ... a parting Smoke with our two faithful friends the Chiefs who accompanied us from the head of the river, (who had purchased a horse each with 2 robes and intended to return on horseback) we proceeded on down the water fine... Great numbers of the Sea Orter..."