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Washington Governor Jay Inslee visited Clark County today. Discussions with business and labor leaders focused on what's next for the state's transportation policy.

Some Republican state senators stonewalled Inslee's transportation priorities during the spring session. Now, Inslee acknowledges, chances appear slim for getting the state and local matching funds needed to continue with the Columbia River Crossing bridge and other projects.

"The Senate passed zero for transportation," Inslee said. "They didn't fund one bridge, one intersection, one lane, one bus, one bike - nothing. They didn't just say no just to the CRC. They said no to anything in the state of Washington."

Inslee says the ball is now in the Republicans' court. But he told business leaders he's still working on reviving transportation projects in some form.

Those opposed to Inslee's transportation proposals differed with his plans to raise revenue, and on light rail, that was part and parcel of the CRC. They wrote to transportation officials this month saying they hope some updates to the I-5 bridge will still be possible.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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